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Fishing in Scotland in September

Which is the best month for fly fishing in Scotland?

September is one of the best months in Scotland to go fishing, why?

  • The wild brown?trout fishing is best, fish are feeding heavily, prior to the run-up to spawning
  • Salmon are prolific in the rivers Tweed and Tay, the autumn run of Atlantic Salmon starts
  • Sea fishing is productive and large predators can be caught
  • Grayling fishing in the rivers is starting to reach a peak
  • The scenery? is wonderful with the start of autumn and changing colours
  • The climate in Scotland is beautiful in September
  • There are fewer tourists (and anglers) to get in your way
  • The perfect month to try and complete the Macnab sporting challenge
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September is a great month to explore the hill lochs for trout in the Highlands

It’s true there are fewer tourists here in September. Edinburgh is quieter after the end of the Edinburgh Festival. The thespians of London depart, and you can walk around without tripping over a juggler or getting run over by a court jester on a unicycle. Sanity hits the streets again. Prices in hotels resume normal levels, and you can book the best tables in restaurants.

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Edinburgh 50 mins from River Tweed Lodge
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40 winks, between catching pike

If you are staying in an Edinburgh hotel, then we can offer trout fishing near Edinburgh

Sea Fishing Trips and salmon fishing on the River Tweed

September is also a month when you can catch some very large pike, in one of the best lochs in Scotland, accessible from Edinburgh and Glasgow. Fly fishing for pike has increased in popularity, if you haven’t?already tried it, then this is the perfect fishery to introduce you to this exciting technique.

Pike are the ultimate predator and the water temperature is perfect in September for surface action spinning with surface plugs such as the Argobast Jitter Bug. Jigheads and soft plastic lures work well too and we are obsessed with the latest fishing techniques and tackle. Not ashamed to say, most of our guides are tackle geeks.

Historically, we have always caught some of our bigger (monster) pike in September and October, and you can also enjoy a cooked lunch in the lochside lodge, with some breathtaking views.

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Father and Daughter Pike Fishing in Scotland