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Barrio Fly Lines

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Barrio Fly LinesBarrio Fly Lines

Barrio Fly Lines – The Best in Scotland

Barrio fly lines are designed in Scotland and offer a worthy alternative to the fly lines made by big manufacturers. The selection of lines are comprehensive – covering single hand and double hand options as well as predator lines for pike. Over the years we have been a huge fan of these fly lines. Not only do they represent great value, but technically they are excellent fly casting lines. There are of course a range of lines for all fishing conditions, dry fly, streamer fishing, distance casting and sink tips.

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Orvis Helios and Hydros reel. Barrio SLX Fly Lines

These lines have been developed in Aberdeenshire in the north of Scotland, surrounded by famous rivers such as the Don, Dee and Spey.

The Barrio SLX, for example, is a Spey weighted style of line. It’s very easy to load the rod a #5 weight SLX will be beautifully balanced on a Helios 9ft #5 weight mid flex delivering effortless loops control and accurate presentation.

What we like about this line, is the appeal to advanced casters, allowing them to perform some amazing technical casts, sake rolls, snap-T casts. single, double spey cast, in addition its a very good line for overhead casting and loads our Helios 2 and 3 rods right through the rod. These lines are also easily handled by beginners.

The head is marked by a colour change and larger sized SLX lines and Spey Lines are perfect for salmon and sea trout fishing.

We have switched many of our overseas guests to these excellent lines. Feedback has been superb.

When we are faced with an opportunity in angling to catch a trophy fish, the right tackle is everything. At the business end of any fly rod set up is the fly line.

They are not available in the shops, click here to buy online

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