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Fishing near North Berwick and Berwickshire

North Berwick and Berwickshire fishing Options

If you are visiting North Berwick and the East Lothian golf coast, and looking for the best fishing options, then read on.

This is a corner of Scotland offering angling diversity and the handiness of being close to Edinburgh. It is often overlooked by tourists who head north to the Highlands, making it somewhat of a Hidden Gem.

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Fly Fishing for Trout

Trout Fishing

There are a number of excellent still water lochs available that fish well all year.. Coldingham Loch is a spring fed 22 acre loch and one of the first to stock Rainbow Trout in Scotland. Our guides have been fishing this loch for over 30 years. It is located close to the stunning cliff tops at St Abbs head, giving this remarkable loch unique character.

Trout fishing near Edinburgh, fly fishing trips, Scotland
Alba Guides busmans holiday fishing in Berwickshire

Fishing is best from the boat, and the boats are large and stable enough to accommodate two anglers with a guide in the middle. Hiring a guide is essential, he will know what patterns work and the best spots for a successful day. He will also keep you safe and provide transport from Edinburgh. In addition Alba will provide the very best trout fishing tackle

As well as rainbow trout, there is a good stock of wild brown trout and blue trout. Generally fish respond well her to surface dries and smaller imitative patterns, like chironomids and sparsely tied nymph patterns.

river, entymology, dark olive, trout flies Scotland,
One of the trouts favourite flies the Blue Winged Olive

Another fishery which offers fantastic sport and is located very close to Coldingham is the Whinney Loch. We’ve been fishing here for over 20 years and it is an ideal venue for those who really enjoy high catch returns. Owner Dr Ted Wise is one of the best fishery managers in Scotland and what Ted doesn’t know about running a fishery, is not worth knowing. Fishing is so good here, you are restricted to fishing a floating line and single barbless fly.

Corporate incentive group, fishing events, Fly fishing for beginners
Team ready for a Fishing Day

The Whinney also makes a superb corporate venue and we have hosted over 50 events here over the years. It is a loch ideal for beginners or experts and our fly fishing for beginners classes are hosted here too.

St Abbs, Best viewpoint, Scotland, Berwickshire coastline, Vista, Coastal Walk,
Both The Whinney and Coldingham are located close to St Abbs Head

Salmon Fishing near North Berwick

The River Tweed is less than an hour from North Berwick town centre and offers superb fishing for salmon, trout and grayling. The Tweed salmon season peaks in October and fishing is available right through to the end of November. The River is one of Scotland’s big 4  and is a must do if your are looking to target salmon.

Our fishing guides live and breathe the Tweed. Three of our guides live on the River. They can help you understand how to read the river, the best salmon flies to use and the best techniques to maximise your chances.

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Autumn salmon fishing River Tweed – Scotland

In addition The River Whiteadder offers superb salmon, sea trout and brown Trout fishing and is located about 50 minutes from North Berwick. Fishing has improved greatly since the removal of coastal and estuary nets and removal of obstructions on the river, allowing migratory fish a clear passage in to spawning beds.

Scott Mackenzie, Salmon Rod, Spey Casting, 15ft, Perflex, Danielsson Control
Danielsson Control Reel

Sea Fishing in Berwickshire

There are several options for saltwater fishing in and around North Berwick. The Harbour has chartered boats available for day trips to fish for Pollock, Cod, Coalfish and Mackerel. We offer saltwater fly fishing guided trips too and sport can be fantastic.

Our main fishing trips leave from the port of Eyemouth, which is about 40 minutes away and boat fishing around the coast at St Abbs head and some of the wrecks and deep channels in this area.

sea fishing, near Edinburgh, chartered boat, Orvis guide, pollock on the fly
A Berwickshire pollock and a salty dog looking on

Finally if you are looking for a unique and special accommodation option near North Berwick, Fenton Tower is a beautifully restored 16th century castle 20 miles east of Edinburgh and 5 minutes from North Berwick.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss a fishing and or touring holiday in this area, we can help.