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Father and Son fishing in Scotland, UK

Father & Son Fishing in Scotland – Trout, Salmon, Pike, Saltwater

Over the last 14 years, we have delivered hundreds of Father and Son fishing trips in Scotland and the UK, for all species of fish. In fact, we are not far behind in delivering Father and Daughter fishing days as well!

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First ever trout fly fishing in the Highlands

My son is only 2 years old, and I dream of the day we can fish together. Right now, we have to settle for magnetic fishing in the bath for plastic fish.(still great fun though)

When you consider fishing is a pursuit that draws on our survival skills and hunter-gatherer instincts, being able to share such a primal bonding experience with your son is a deep-rooted, rewarding experience.

Doug Topken from New York, enjoyed a pike fishing trip with Alba last year and brought his son Trevor. Trevor was no ordinary angler. He was a pro competition Bass fisherman. A lad who had the ability to adapt to our tackle instantly and cast with unnerving accuracy. In fact, Doug was a great angler too. Trevor was a chip off the old block. The skills required to catch Bass are useful?when lure fishing for pike, Trevor’s accurate?casting was very impressive indeed. Watch Trevor Catching a pike in Scotland

Father and daughter?Fishing trips Scotland are also popular. ?We have delivered on many occasions. Danny Levaq and his daughter Melissa came fishing in Scotland for pike with a film crew for a Belgian TV show. You can see Danny living his dream, and catching a Big Pike in Scotland here

Father and Son, Fishing, Trip, Scotland, Trout, Fly Fishing, near Glasgow, Near Edinburgh, Private fishing loch, Pike, Luxury fishing, Fishing Guide
Father and Daughter Pike Fishing in Scotland

Surely a Father and Son fishing trip can only be bettered by a father and two sons? This lovely family enjoyed catching a dozen big trout. It was an escape for them, away from the bustle of London to enjoy a fly fishing trip for trout near Glasgow. The venue is a private trout fishery located 30 minutes west of Glasgow and close to Loch Lomond. Ideal for private fishing parties as it sits within a private estate.

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It’s a Family Affair. Fishing trip with Alba Game Fishing
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Professional fishing guide helps a young angler land his first trout

It’s often the case that our guide is more suited to giving instructions than Dad. As we all know, that makes the day more enjoyable for everyone. Our guide John pictured below is disclosure checked and a professional casting instructor. He is a calm patient guide and is excellent at instructing children on the art of fishing, whatever the species of fish.

For many years John helped children from underprivileged backgrounds to introduce fishing as an alternative to a life of crime and bad behavior. This was a government initiative that was a huge success, however?sadly ran out of funding. John said “many of the kids changed completely once they connected with nature and focussed on fishing”

One of the philosophies that underpin the fishing experiences we deliver, is the understanding of how important it is to disconnect from technology and communication overload, and relax in the outdoors. It’s very hard with children to keep their focus away from gadgets and connect with nature. There is too much distractive technology at their fingertips, phones, iPads, Xbox, and television, (don’t even mention social media), it’s dangerously addictive.

We often find that children enjoy getting back to basics. They have such a memorable and enjoyable day fishing and connecting with nature, exploring, learning and discovering. One kid that spent a day with us, spent hours getting my labrador to retrieve a stick from the River Tay. His father offered to buy my dog, but that’s another story.

It’s sometimes the simple things! Being with your Dad. Being with your son. Being with your daughter. Sharing nature together. Believe me, it’s not only spiritual and uplifting but creates lifelong memories.

If you would like to share time in the outdoors fishing with your son(s) or daughter(s) Please get in touch to create a fishing holiday or trip in Scotland.

Father and Son, Fishing, Trip, Scotland, Trout, Fly Fishing, near Glasgow, Near Edinburgh, Private fishing loch, Luxury fishing, Fishing Guide
Dad and two sons enjoy fishing trip near Glasgow