I hope this article helps you stay safe and avoid injury when planning or partaking in a days fishing in Scotland with us.

Safety is something we take seriously at Alba Game Fishing. There are two sections to this article, before and during a trip.

Before you fish, its vital to be honest with your guide about your wading ability. This is so we can choose a stretch of wader which offers wading that is safe and enjoyable for you. We try and teach guests to minimise wading as often it spooks fish. Most of our guests are between the age of 50-80 and guests have varying wading ability. In some instances we are able t drive straight to the river side in a 4X4 vehicle and the guest ?can get straight into a boat. This is useful for anyone with limited mobility. Generally, most of our wading is safe and easy on shallow gravel.

The importance of stretching before fishing cannot be overlooked. If you are relaxed and supple, this will minimise injury and make the day more enjoyable. Equally, taking regular breaks to stretch is useful, especially when doing a new activity such as learning to Spey Cast. When people learn to cast, it’s natural that guests tense up and our teaching techniques emphasise staying relaxed and not forcing anything, and allowing the rod to deliver casts with minimum effort.

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Shallow gravel wading on the River Tweed – this is about as deep as we get

Another aspect of teaching, is that the correct stance is adopted, this will avoid twisting and putting joints under unnecessary strain.

Trout fisherman can often develop Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) and a common one is tendonitis or tennis elbow. To avoid this, its vital to stretch before hand and if you have any underlying muscle strains, know your limitations. I’m also a great advocate of using small lightweight rods. Why thrash around with an #8 weight which resembles a snooker cue, when you can enjoy a #5 weight weighing not much more than a few ounces. By the way, before you say yes but in a strong wind you need a bigger rod, I don’t buy that either, I use a #5 weight or lighter for all my trout fishing. It will save your joints! Stripping line repetitively can cause strains to the triceps, I know, I have had this injury. I was fishing in Shetland for wild brown trout and this requires fast stripping of paltered flies and covering as much water as possible, it can also knacker your triceps, so stretch before hand.

tricep stretch, stretch, diagram, fishing stretch
A good tricep stretch