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Fly Fishing venues in Scotland

The best fishing venues near Edinburgh and Glasgow

Scotland has an abundance of fishing venues perfect for hosting fishing days, breaks and corporate fishing events.


Within easy reach of the city centre, there are trout and pike fishing venues that can take a capacity of 60 people. Outdoor catering can be provided at these fishing venues, using gazebos and groups can be looked after by a team of professional fishing guides in Scotland

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Fishing lunch in style

Rivers?make the perfect fishing venue for smaller groups, however not ideal for groups over 10 people as most rivers are restricted to numbers. When we are approached for fishing venues we suggest up to 10 people a river would be possible, though extra guides are needed to ensure guests are safe when wading. As a general rule of thumb, the following matrix works well for river fishing days:

1 rod = 1 guide

2 rods = 1 guide

3 rods = 2 guides

4 rods = 2 guides

5 rods = 3 guides

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Guides need to stay close to clients when wade fishing

When running any fishing event, the event and the venue undergo a risk assessment and this can be supplied to the booking agent. Our fishing guides in Scotland are trained first aiders and focus on safety as well as the enjoyment of the fishing event.


Located near Glasgow and in Loch Lomond area, we have a trout fishing venue ?which is ideal for small private luxury fishing events

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All set for lunch

The event above had four enjoyable event experiences rolled into one: ?Fly Fishing lessons for beginners, Food Foraging, Wine Tasting and a Gourmet Outdoor Fishing Lunch.

Ultimately it comes down to selecting the best fishing venue for each particular group of clients and this is where we can help. Contact Us with your requirements and we can shape a proposal which delivers a Memorable Fishing Experience.