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Best Pike Fishing near Edinburgh

Where are the best Pike Fishing Lochs near Edinburgh?

There is a private loch near Edinburgh, the dark depths stir with fearsome predators and boasts some simply outstanding scenery. To give you an idea how good it is, during the 2016 season, we have never been skunked and averaged 11 pike per trip. The biggest we had this season was just shy of 20lb. This loch is an ideal venue for the fishing breaks in Scotland we deliver

I have too many stories to tell about this place, my favourite perhaps of this year….Two weeks ago, I was asked to shoot a TV programme here for Belgium TV, the story was that a father and daughter, had a dream to fish together and catch a fish in Scotland. With cameras rolling and the pressure on, the first fish that came to the net was 15 Pounds in weight and a perfect specimen. In a 2 hour session, we had 9 fish and when the cameras left fished for an hour and landed and released another 12. I will edit this post with a link to the footage when the film is released in November.

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A lot of care is taken with these fish. We never use treble hooks and if fishing bait use the excellent Varivas Semi Circle hook which usually results in a clean hook in the mouth. When boat fishing we release most fish in the water with no handling, the occasional one for a grip and grin.

When lure fishing we use a 110lb mono leader with clip over a wire trace, which can cut the fish if it rolls around. In the summer these fish are happy to get spectacular and take surface lures. Bass fishers from the States will feel at home here, though they should expect bigger quarry!

Check out the video footage of Pro Bass fisherman Trevor Topken catching pike in Scotland

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Acrobatic fight from a small pike

We offer guided fishing trips here throughout the year, complemented by professional photography, hot lunch, and your own professional fishing guide. We will even pick you up in Edinburgh.

Check out this Guided pike fishing near Edinburgh page.

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