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Bart Strother, Kansas, United States

Bart from Kansas

I had a great vacation, including the fishing trip thanks to you. You asked for comments; they?re all good food, service, effort, skill, companionship, empathy. Thanks for turning what could have been disastrous into great fun. I hope we get to fish together again sometime, someplace.

Eric Watterson, Matt & Stewart Goble, Utah, United States

Swam naked in the trout loch!

Fishing with Alba stands out as one of the choice fishing experiences I have had. All involved took special pains to provide us with a truly unique and memorable experience. It was truly memorable. Fish, food, and friends were all found in abundance?and with superb quality. Thank you very much. We hope to return soon.

Roland Macarthur, New Jersey, United States

Returned to Scotland to walk in footsteps of ancestors

Yes I made it back just fine. Just hated for the trip to be over. We had a wonderful time with you in Scotland. I don?t know that I?ve ever had a more pleasant plus exciting vacation. The fishing and the gourmet meals were outstanding. I tell people about the trip and they all want your address!

Andrew Motion Poet Laureate, England

Former Poet Laureate in UK

We couldn?t have had a better time. You were great company, and a terrific help, and showed us a glorious time. I couldn?t be more grateful and got home feeling dizzy with spoiledness. We?re still glowing with pleasure? Especially as we?ve now got those magnificent fish safely in our freezer?I hope very much that our paths will cross again before long?I?m sure they will.

Kathy and Denny Clanton, Colorado, USA

Denny from Colorado – a man who can catch trout

I can tell you, that fishing with Alba has been the best Denny has experienced to date.

I always take him with me on my travels so he has gotten to fish quite a few unique places but by far, this trip is at the very top of the list. And this is just not because the fishing was good but you (Stewart) and your company provided so many other little details that made fishing in Scotland a memorable event for him.

Matt, Anna Paulson and Anlya (9), California

Californian family go fishing in Scotland

Thank you so much for the magical day on the “Loch” my daughter says: “this was the best part of our trip to Europe!” I agree with her. I would like to add that I appreciated your patience with her and I on the finer points with fly fishing, I am so proud that my daughter “out fished me”.

Thank you for making these memories possible.

Jim Goldsworthy Texas USA

Jim from Texas – fly fishing in Scotland

World class fly fishing! I have fished with the some of the finest lodges in Alaska and Patagonia. Stewart and his team at Alba game fishing are second to none. Alba?s hospitality, knowledge, equipment, and especially the fishing are all first class.

A day spent with Alba game fishing will create a lifetime of great Scottish memories.

Ned Schwing, Texas

Group from Texas on mixed fishing vacation

On our return flight home I asked my son how we could possibly top our fishing trip to Scotland with Alba? He looked at me and said the only way to do that Dad is to come back!

He is right, and we will.

Richard Rutnagur, Director KPMG

Corporate fishing day in Scotland

We try to make our Corporate Events a little different, so that they are relaxed, enjoyable and memorable. Alba help us do just that, combining special locales and hospitality to make it a great day.
Stewart?s passion for what he does is also completely infectious.