Scott Mackenzie Fly Rods

Alba Game Fishing want to maximize your enjoyment when salmon fishing in Scotland. Having the right equipment is vitally important to improving your chances of landing an Atlantic salmon and enjoyment of the day.

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Mackenzie DTX and Danielsson Control Reel- a perfect combo

We’ve always been a supporter of Scott Mackenzie fly rods and carry an extensive stock of G2 DTX and Perflex rods to offer our guests on salmon fishing holidays and fishing trips.

Our team of fishing guides includes qualified casting instructors and we can offer tuition with these wonderful rods on any of the Scottish salmon rivers.

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Expert guidance on the River Tay

The Mackenzie design and development team is led by Scott Mackenzie, three times world Spey casting champion and includes a team of developers and pro casting experts such as Andy Toft and Iain Kirk.

Mackenzie has a range of rods and fly lines that are at the cutting edge of technology in the salmon fishing world. Graphene is the hardest substance in the world, a flat monolayer of carbon atoms packed into a honeycomb lattice. It would take the weight of an elephant balanced on a pencil to break through a sheet of Graphene the thickness of cling film. Mackenzie has developed a range of Graphene salmon and trout rods using this material. Both the salmon and the trout rods are quite simply superb. They recently also introduced trout fishing rods.

For smaller Highland rivers like the Alness and Findhorn (below) the Mackenzie Atlas 6 piece switch rods work very well. Below you can see Sandra from Washington State enjoying the 11ft 4 atlas on a summer fishing trip on the Altyrre beat of the River Findhorn.

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Salmon Fishing River Findhorn